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 CAlwaysRetryA State which always allows to retry
 CConstructStateA factory which construct a RetryState each time a new one is requested
 CNoMoreRetriesLeftType returned when the state does not allow to retry anymore
 CReferenceStateFactory which returns references to the same state
 Cretriedtask_failureTag type which contains a Failure type
 CRetriesState to allow to retry a fixed number of times
 CRetryReduce the impact of tasks failing due to transient failures
 Cretry_afterSpecify how long to wait before the next retry
 CWillNeverHappenToStopRetriesThis type will never be returned because resilient::AlwaysRetry always retries
 CAlwaysA detector which always detects failure
 CAlwaysErrorThe type returned as failure by the Always detector
 CAnyCombine a group of detector, detecting a failure if any of them detect a failure
 CBlockingFixedConcurrentExecutionsStrategyAllow at most a fixed amount of executions to happen at the same time
 CCircuitbreakerFail-fast when tasks are consistently failing
 CCircuitbreakerIsOpenIndicate a failure because the Circuitbreaker was open
 CCountStrategyOpen the circuit breaker if a number of failures happen over a time intervall
 CErrorReturnType returned by Returns when the detected function returns the expected value
 CExceptionThrownType returned by Throws when the detected function throws the expected exception
 CFailableA class to represent the result of an operation which might fail
 CFailureDetectorTagHelper struct which defines the required types for the detector concept
 CICallResultInterface to represent the result of calling a detected function
 CICircuitbreakerStrategyInterface to specify the algorithm the Circuitbreaker should use
 CIRateLimiterStrategyInterface to specify the algorithm the Ratelimiter should use
 CMaxConcurrentPermitA permit for a concurrent execution
 CNeverA detector which never detects failure
 CNoFailureType returned by the detectors when no failure is detected
 CNoopA Policy which simply invokes the task
 CNoStateType representing that the detector does not need any state
 CPermitAcquireTimeoutError returned when acquiring a permit for the Ratelimiter takes too long
 CPipelineDefine a sequence of polices, which will be executed in order
 CRatelimiterExecute a Task limiting the times it can be executed following a strategy
 CReturnsA detector which detect whether a function returns a specific value
 CStatelessDetectorAn helper base detector to simplify writing stateless detectors
 CTaskCreate a task from a callable, using a Detector to detect failures
 CThrowsA detector which detect whether a function throws an exception of a given type